The HITT programme associates  -The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and The International Trade Centre (ITC) – play an important role by providing targeted advice and input, and encouraging dissemination and recognition of the programme’s results once completed.

World Tourism Organization

The UNWTO has had a formal partnership with SNV since 2004, having implemented the  Sustainable Tourism for Eliminating Poverty (ST-EP) programme in Africa, Asia and Latin America. There are, or have been, ST-EP projects in all seven target countries of the HITT programme, with SNV advisors acting as ST-EP representatives in six of these. These projects often include a component of training informal sector workers.

As an associate, UNWTO is providing expertise on training needs assessments, curriculum development and training of trainers, and helping to establish links with the ongoing ST-EP projects in the target countries with a view to providing additional training to the beneficiaries in these ST-EP projects. In addition, UNWTO will support the dissemination of the training approach and materials, for potential application in other ST-EP projects and developing countries.

Contact person:
Marcel Leijzer
Programme Officer

The International Trade Centre (ITC)

The ITC has created a series of training modules and materials via its Tourism-Led Poverty Reduction Programme. As an associate, the ITC supported the development of the HITT approach and curriculum by sharing its methodology and experiences, providing targeted advice and input, and will encourage dissemination and recognition of the HITT programme results once completed. The organisation is currently supporting tourism activities in Benin, Mozambique and Vietnam.

Contact person:
Senior Trade Promotion Adviser