Programme Manager

The implementation of the EC funded High Impact Tourism and Training Programme is led by SNV (the Netherlands Development Organisation). SNV is responsible for managing and administrating the HITT programme. SNV Senior Advisors have being appointed in each country to provide capacity building and technical support to in-country partners, implement and monitor programme activities, and build up strategic partnerships with TVET and tourism stakeholders to secure the long term sustainability of the HITT initiative.

About SNV

SNV logo smallSNV is a non-profit, international development organisation, established in the Netherlands in 1965. SNV has been present on the ground in developing countries for over 40 years, and now operate in 36 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Balkans. SNV’s 1100 professionals come from a variety of cultural and technical backgrounds and over 60 per cent are nationals of the countries where we work.

SNV aim is to alleviate poverty by enabling those on the lowest incomes to be part of social and economic networks and so increase their income and employment opportunities. More than half of SNV’s work focuses on economic and private sector development. Alongside this, SNV contributes to improving people’s access to basic services like water and sanitation, energy and education. This is achieved by strengthening local organisations.

Promoting gender equity and transparent public sector leadership is at the heart of all SNV’s work. SNV works in the areas where support is most needed. The majority of SNV’s advisors are based far from capital cities, in provincial towns and in rural areas, where the challenges of poverty are often greatest. From this sub-national level, SNV facilitates links between local and national organisations.