Curriculum & Training

HITT Benin has developed four training models for its two chosen occupations. Outlined below is the content and duration of each of these.

Graduate Food & Beverage Servers, Model 1: This training has a maximum duration fo six seven hour days. Classroom based training combines with practical demonstrations and participation to teach a combination of core and technical food & beverage service skills. (For example, how to interact with customers at different stages – taking/distributing orders, receiving tips graciously, how to serve different types of drinks etc). As an incentive, the three best performing students (out of total fifteen per batch) will be offered an internship opportunity in a hotel, restaurant or bar.

Graduate Cooks, Model 2: This training will also last for a maximum of six seven hour days. The training, which is largely classroom based, will cover a range of core and technical competencies specific to cooking. The importance of maintaining a professional attitude will be emphasised throughout. Again, the opportunity for the three best performing students to take up an internship will be offered as an incentive.

Casual Food & Beverage Servers, Model 3: This training will be organised flexibly, taking place over a maximum of six days. The practical training will take place in the classroom, and trainers will use powerpoint presentations, manuals and activities to communicate the material to students. In total, five hundred students will learn core and technical competencies, with the incentive of an internship applicable here, too.

Small-Restaurant Cooks, Model 4: This training will again be organised flexibly over a maximum of six days. The teaching method displayed in model 3 will be replicated here, giving beneficiaries the opportunity to acquire skills applicable to the small restaurant context. Due to the nature of this occupation (very few staff employed in the business), no internships will be offered as an incentive.