Steering commitee

HITT Benin has an Advisory Board whose purpose it is to advise and support in the implementation of the HITT programme and in the coordination and involvement of TVET and tourism industry stakeholders in the programme. In particular, the roles and responsibilities of the HITT Benin advisory board are to:

– Amend and validate the choice of geographical areas of intervention
– Validate the choice of value chains and the list of occupations held with key stakeholders during the various workshops held for this purpose
– Validate the list of suppliers of TVET delivery
– Identify constraints in access to training staff

The HITT Benin Advisory Board meets at least twice a year during the implementation of the programme, with working groups meeting more frequently if necessary. It is expected that with the support of the advisory board, a funding mechanism will be put in place before the conclusion of the programme to ensure the continuation of the programme’s work following its completion.

The HITT Benin Advisory Board is composed of representatives of the Government of tourism and vocational training, professional associations in the sector, training institutions, and private sector actors. The following graphic provides an overview of the structure of this committee:










In 2012, the Board met twice to discuss the development of curriculum, the integration of the HITT approach into the current TVET (Technical Vocational Education & Training) environment, and to split into four specific work groups: communication, curricula and training material, selection and monitoring of beneficiaries, and development of sustainable financing.

Please download the attached file for contact details of the members of the HITT Benin Advisory Board