Steering Committee

The process of forming the HITT Cambodia Advisory Board began in early 2012 with key stakeholders including the Cambodia Hotel Association, Cambodia Restaurant Association, Cambodia Association of Travel Agents, Boat Association, and Cyclo  Association, invited to attend a HITT Round Table Workshop. During the workshop participants were introduced to the HITT programme and obtained an update on the results of the Inception Phase.

With the HITT programme picking up pace and moving into the Preparation Phase, the formalisation of the HITT Cambodia Advisory Board was required. To do this, a wide range of stakeholders representing the breadth of the tourism sector in Cambodia was invited to attend a HITT Advisory Board Inception Meeting as the first step in becoming full Advisory Board members. During the meeting, incumbent members were presented with a draft structure, roles and responsibilities of the Advisory Board, and a proposed working group structure.

In follow-up to the Inception Meeting, delegates were invited to formally confirm in writing their interest in becoming a HITT Cambodia Advisory Board member.  As a result of this, the following representatives are currently in the process of confirming their place on the HITT Cambodia Advisory Board, with the following members confirmed to the Board as at 22 August 2012:

The Advisory Board meets quarterly, and will complete the purpose of endorsing training materials and advising HITT Cambodia where applicable.