HITT in Ghana

For over twenty years, the SNV Netherlands Development Organisation has worked to bring about development in Ghana. Particular focus has been given to the areas of water, sanitation & hygiene, agriculture and renewable energy, but HITT Ghana places its emphasis on informal workers in the tourism industry.

Through providing market-led vocational training to unskilled or semiskilled workers, HITT Ghana is empowering 1200 workers by giving them the skills required to take advantage of opportunities for employment with better conditions and pay. The skills deposit will not only affect those directly involved – the beneficiaries – but will have multiplier effects to their colleagues in terms of skills transfer and also for the tourism sector as a whole.

Taking into account areas of the need, feasibility of effective training delivery, and budget constraints, HITT Ghana took the decision to develop training courses for the occupations of room attendant, food & beverage server (waiters/waitresses) and street vendor. These occupations share some characteristics: workers are usually informal, there is growing demand for workers in these occupations, workers have regular exposure to tourists and the tourism industry, workers have low job security, workers’ pay is usually very low.

By providing training to workers in each of these occupations, HITT Ghana will allow them to capitalise on the benefits brought by the growing tourist industry, rather than scraping by with few prospects of growing their business (vendors) or being exploited by employers to satisfy demand.

HITT Ghana’s primary partner is the Opportunities Industrialization Centre, Ghana (OICG). Since its establishment in 1970, the OICG has sought to provide vocational training in order for Ghana’s disadvantaged and marginalised youth to find employment. The OICG shares HITT’s interest in providing training that is market-led, and recognises the employment opportunities presented by the growing tourism industry. Thus, the OICG has been and will be providing input throughout the duration of the project.