Curriculum and Training

The following section outlines the three different training models developed by HITT Ghana for the training of beneficiaries in the occupations of food & beverage servers (waiters/waitresses), room attendants, and street vendors.

Model 1 – Flexible Workforce:
This model is applied both to waiters and to room attendants, and lasts for 10-12 days. The workers – casual/informal workers or underemployed workers supplied by employment agencies – receive classroom based training in both core and technical skills. The beneficiaries each have a pocket size training manual that will enable them to more comprehensively understand the course content, retaining the knowledge long term. Trainers use powerpoint to teach, referring to material in their own manuals and facilitator guides. A total of 800 beneficiaries will be trained using this model in Ghana.

Model 2 – On-the-job-training:
This model also applies to waiters and room attendants, and also lasts for 10-12 days, but is flexibly organised on-the-job. The beneficiaries are casual/informal workers, or underemployed workers taken from companies’ workers database. While these beneficiaries will also use a pocket size manual to map their learning, training will be ‘on-the-job’ and will comprise of theory, demonstration, supervision. The modules taken will again include both core and technical skills. A total of 150 beneficiaries will be trained using this model in Ghana.

Model 3 – Onsite training of food street vendors:
This model applies to food & beverage servers / vendors on streets in Accra, Takoradi and Kumasi. The beneficiaries usually own small businesses. The training will be on-site, will last three days and will be delivered by HITT Ghana’s partner OICG. In total, 250 beneficiaries will be trained using this model.