Steering Committee

The HITT Mali Steering Committee comprises of a 21 stakeholders who each bring different expertise and interests to the Committee. The Committee met for the fifth time in December 2012, and was chaired by Mr. Ag Hamaty El Mehdi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism of Mali, who thanked SNV Mali for successfully adapting the HITT programme to the difficult context of Mali.

During the meeting, progress made in 2012 was reported to the Committee, which drew a positive response. Also, plans for 2013 were presented, and these were endorsed by the members.

The members of the Steering Committee and the organisations/institutions they are associated with are listed below.

1. Bréhima Sangaré, Chief of Cabinet of the Ministry of Environment and Sanitation
2. Adijatou Beynari TOURE, Liaison with the HITT programme for the Ministry of Education, Literacy and National Languages
3. Liaison with the HITT programme for the Ministry of Culture
4. Alou Mariko, Liaison with the HITT programme for the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training
5. Ousmane TOURE, Technical Advisor to the Ministry of Promotion of Women, Children and Family
6. Aliou Koné, Research Officer for the National Land Transport and Marine Waterway
7. M. Mamadou Sosso Camara, Representative of the coordination of the common V GIE within COGIAM (GIE Collective Sanitation of Mali)
8. M. Mohamed L. Cissé, Director of Studies at IGLAM: representative of private schools tourism training
9. Siné KONTA, representing private actors in the field of Tourism (Pinassiers – Mopti)
10. Mme BABY, President of the National Federation of the Hotel Industry
11. Amadou Maïga (TAM Voyage), Secretary of Tourism for the Malian Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism
12. Ibrahima GUINDO, Treasurer of the Girl Guides Association of Tourism, Mali
13. Dr Héry Coulibaly, Technical Adviser of the Permanent Assembly of Chambers of Agriculture of Mali
14. Boubacar N’Diaye, responsible for Spatial Planning and the Regional Council of Kayes
15. M. Cissé, President of the Regional Council of Mopti
16. Haoua Bekaye Diarra, Liaison with the HITT programme for the City of Bamako District
17. Massabougou Sogodogo, Communication Officer at the Permanent Assembly of Chambers of Trade, Mali
18. M. Djibril I. Niaré, Acting Director of the Regional Bureau of Tourism (OMATHO) in Kayes
19. M. Martin Tessougué, Director of the Regional Bureau of Tourism (OMATHO) in Bamako
20. Dr. Moctar Ba, Head of Regional Office of Tourism (OMATHO) in Mopti
21. M. Boubacary Cissé, Director of the Department of Tourism at the University Institute of Management – representative of public tourism training

The attached documents provide an overview of the progress reported by the HITT Mali team to the Steering Committee at the fifth meeting (5th December 2012) and outcomes of the meeting.

Minutes of the 5th HITT Mali Steering Committee Meeting

HITT Mali Presentation at 5th Steering Committee