Steering committee

To operate effectively in the Mozambican context, HITT Mozambique have adopted a two-tier committee policy, that including a Steering Committee and a ‘Working Group’. The section below explains further about the two groups in terms of their members, their purpose, and the regularity with which they meet.

Steering Committee

This high level group makes decisions and validates the proposals of the working group, and also helps to raise awareness and develop synergies. The members of this group are: the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Tourism, Maputo and Inhambane Municipalities, the Commission for Reform of Technical and Vocational Education (COREP) and the National Institute for Employment and Vocational Training (INEFP). The Steering Committee meets once or twice a year.

Working Group

This group is much more operational, and is involved in implementing decisions endorsed by the Steering Committee. Led by SNV, the other members include INEFP, COREP, Maputo and Inhambane Municipalities, three TVET institutions (Associacao Profissional dos Guias Turisticos de Mocambique, Arte & Profissao, Academia de Talentos), two NGOs (the Centre of Studies and Crafts Development (CEDARTE) and Profamilia), and two beneficiaries’ associations (Assothi – an informal workers association – and the Tourism Industry Workers’ Union).

The HITT Mozambique stakeholder committees gather a large number of relevant partners to provide advice to the HITT programme. They also give an opportunity for government bodies and local authorities to meet with TVET institutions.