Steering Committee

HITT Vietnam does not have a formal Steering Committee, but rather a ‘HITT Round Table’. Below is a list of organisations that are part of the Round Table.

Tourism training providers: REACH, Hue Tourism College, Sapa Tourist Information Centre, Academy for Responsible Tourism.

Tourist enterprises: Hue Tourist, Sofitel Hotel, and Don’s Tay Ho restaurant.

Tourism authorities (national and provincial): the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT), and the departments of Culture, Sport and Tourism in Lao Cai, Quang Nam and Ha Giang provinces.

International organisations and NGOs: the International Labour Organisation and the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

Relevant tourism development programmes: the Environmentally and Socially Responsible Capacity Development Programme (ERST).

These organisations each have a vested interest in HITT Vietnam achieving its aims.

Inaugural Meeting

An inaugural meeting was held on Thursday 26th July, 2012. The purpose of this meeting was to present the results and progress to date from the Inception Phase of the project as well as plans and initial results of the Implementation Phase.

During the meeting, participants were informed about the selected occupations and training programmes of HITT Vietnam. They also learned about the HITT learning approach, experienced several teaching methods, and saw how these methods are applied in teaching HITT beneficiaries in Food and Beverage service and Homestay Operations. Proposed HITT training curricula were also shared and discussed.

There was positive feedback from participants for the HITT Learning Approach, teaching methods as well as curricula. The HITT Vietnam team received lots of useful comments on the training model, method, trainer, venue, learner background, group size, etc. that have helped to improve their curriculum designs to meet requirements for high impact training.

List of participants in the HITT Round Table Meeting:


Future Meetings and the ongoing role of the HITT Vietnam Round Table

An initial plan for the Round Table to meet bi-annually has been modified – organising for representatives of numerous stakeholders across a wide geographic area to attend a single meeting is logistically challenging, and funding the transport costs of each is beyond the HITT Vietnam budget. When specific needs arise, communication via email ensures that the input of relevant stakeholders is received.

The next HITT Vietnam Round Table meeting is scheduled for May 2013. At this meeting, the full training plan and finalised materials will be presented to the members of the Round Table, as well as findings from the training of trainers (ToT) courses and pilot training of beneficiaries (ToB) courses.