HITT Communication and Visibility Plan


This document defines the Communication and Visibility Plan of the EC funded High Impact Tourism and Training Programme (DCI-EDUC/2010/254-084).
Its purpose is to outline and formalise the communication strategy of the HITT programme to increase visibility of programme achievements and ensure an effective communication of programme activities, results and goals with target beneficiaries, partners and key national and international stakeholders from the TVET and tourism sectors.

This document will guide SNV advisors, in-country partners and programme associates on the communication and visibility actions to be carried out throughout the implementation of the four programme phases (Inception, Preparation, Implementation and Conclusion) and set out the key dates associated with planned events. This document is available for downloading in the HITT Programme Basecamp – HITT Visibility Project (internal communication platform).

The HITT Communication and Visibility plan has been prepared following guidelines provided in the Communication and Visibility Manual for European Union External Actions (April 2010).

Auteur : HITT , 2012 (192KB) 

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