Shu, 42, Sapa, Lao Cai

Shu, 42, Sapa, Lao CaiShu is a handicrafts street vendor who has been selling pillow cases, blankets, bracelets and metal jewellery to tourists in Sapa town for more than seven years.  She is from the Hmong ethnic group that tend to live in the higher mountainous regions of Vietnam.
Working a ten hour day from 7am-5pm, seven days a week, Shu only earns around $60 a month which she uses to support her family. Sometimes  she takes a week off to do work in the village.
She believes her limited education prevents her from finding any other type of work.  Her key frustration is that she spends all day following tourists who promise to buy something from her, but they rarely fulfil their promises.  And she doesn’t know how to solve this problem.
Her ambition is to run a small handicrafts shop or market stall and learn English so she could market her wares better.