HITT association with The International Trade Centre

The-International-Trade-Centre-(ITC)-logoThe International Trade Centre (ITC) is proud and pleased to be associated with the HITT programme led by SNV.

Thanks to the development of guidelines to design inclusive tourism projects and various vocational training modules (*) to help poor communities enter tourism value chains, associated with years of experience of project implementation in several countries around the globe, ITC is very excited to support, to contribute to and promote the High Impact Training for Tourism (HITT) developed under the leadership of SNV.

ITC’s Tourism-led Poverty Reduction approach has gathered a number of successes in Brazil, El Salvador, Benin, Mozambique, and Vietnam and is very keen to share these experiences that are likely to be relevant to the design of HITT, especially Benin and Mozambique who are part of the selected countries for the testing of HITT.

In addition and under specific agreement on Intellectual Property, ITC stands ready to share the tools (guidelines, modules) mentioned above for the preparation of the training material prepared for the HITT programme.

ITC wishes every success to the HITT intervention!

Senior Trade Promotion Adviser


(*) Vocational Training Modules:

  • Inclusive Tourism – Linking Agricultural Sector to Tourism Markets; 2010.
  • Inclusive Tourism – Building Local Capacity for the Tourism Job Market; 2010.
  • Inclusive Tourism – Linking the Handicraft Sector to Tourism Markets; 2010.
  • Inclusive Tourism – Linking Business Sectors to Tourism Markets; 2010.
  • Tourism-led Poverty Reduction Programme – Training Module for Artistic and Cultural Products; 2009.
  • Tourism-led Poverty Reduction Programme – Opportunity Studies Guidelines; 2009.
  • Inclusive Tourism – Environmental Management and Climate Change; Published soon.