HITT Benin Assistant Cooks Training Materials

The training materials developed for the 4 training models in Benin include a trainer manual, a trainer guide and a learner manual. The document structure type is always the same, ie manuals learners are all structured in the same way in all models. The training was delivered by TVET providers trained by HITT, in 6 days combining 10% theoretical and 90% practical training.

In the case of assistant cooks, model 2 was developed to train  unemployed fresh graduates on key Hygiene, security and use of kitchen facilities task and competencies, the 4 modules (Introductory Module: The importance of hygiene in the kitchen, Module 1: The application of hygiene, Module 2: The safety and protection, Module 3: The use of utensils and kitchen equipment) cover topic on how to: understand the importance of hygiene in the kitchen; apply personal hygiene; clean workspace and facilities; apply the standards of food preservation by cold; apply the rules of safety and protection; use utensils and kitchen equipment.

Assistant Cooks Trainer Manual, Trainer Guide and Learner Manual

  • Trainer Manual : Additional to the technical content as in learner manual, it includes a table indicating a presentation of content, animation conditions of each topic and the Evaluation criteria of learner performance. It proposes also active learning activities that the trainer can do with learners.
  • Trainer Guide : It contains presentation of the programme, a lesson plan for each module, a memento with elements of andragogy, a presentation on HIT learning approach and tools.
  • Learner Manual : It contains technical description and procedures for each topic, illustrations, tests to help trainer to make auto-evaluation at the end of each topic.