HITT Cambodia Advisory Board meeting

On 20 July at the Phnom Penh Intercontinental Hotel the HITT Cambodia team gathered a group of leaders from the Cambodian tourism industry, tourism training sector, government and NGOs for the inaugural HITT Cambodia Advisory Board meeting.  During the meeting, HITT Global Programme Leader, Ms Monica Oliveros Delgado, introduced to delegates HITT’s unique market-driven, employment-focused approach.

“HITT Cambodia’s range of innovative and dynamic hospitality training methods will be specifically target to informal tourism sector,” explained Ms Oliveros Delgado.  Based upon the principles of active learning, Ms Oliveros Delgado stated that the hospitality training methods employed by HITT Cambodia would have a higher impact on learners than traditional training techniques.

New in-coming HITT Cambodia and Vietnam Programme Leader, Ms Gordon-Davis further explained, “To achieve highest impact on beneficiaries, specific adult learning principles, and integrated, active learning techniques need to be implemented.  The HITT Cambodia training will achieve this through a careful selection of training methods such as role plays, problem-based learning, games and quizzes.”

With the assistance of delegates, a number of broad approaches were identified for the implementation of the training programme in Cambodia.  As innovative as the HITT training programme itself, delegates recommended a range of options including private sector sponsored training courses for training small and medium enterprise owners using the HITT learning approach.  Utilising Cambodia’s existing national and provincial tourism associations network was also considered to present a number of opportunities.  In tandem, delegates recommended on the job training of formally and informally employed private sector supervisory staff in medium scale hotels and restaurants using the HITT training curricula, and training of trainers in existing tourism technical and vocational education training institutes in the HITT training curricula and training methodology.

Outlay of the HITT Cambodia training programme is scheduled to begin from October 2012 and continue into 2013.

List of Participants in the Advisory Board Inception Meeting:


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