HITT Mali Cooks Training Materials

This training aims to promote local products by offering diversified menu and increase the income of learners. The target of this 6 days training are the cooks and restaurant managers.

For this training, four training materials were developed by HITT team with the support of professionals of the sector. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that this cooking training does not only focus on food preparation but also on other essential aspects allowing participants to practice their cooking related jobs, namely:

  • Food preservation
  • The hygiene rules and safety measures
  • The customer approach

The training manuals were developed so that courses could be lively and interactive, enabling participants, mostly illiterate, to assimilate topics in an easier way.

The Cooking Curriculum

This document describes all the tasks and steps to follow for the preparation of traditional meals but also the right attitudes and behaviour one should get for any cooking.

Trainer Manual

This manual complements the curriculum and it focuses on educational/teaching tips. It contains the required skills, the competence thresholds, the verification elements of the competency development, the implementation strategies and the number of hours allocated for each module.

Learner Manual

This guide is distributed to the various participants at the end of each course. This document is a summary of all the lessons learned during the training.