HITT Vietnam – Building Skills for Food & Beverage Trainers!

On Wednesday, 25th July in Hoa Binh Province, SNV VN and its local program partner-REACH held a training course for 14 Food and Beverage Trainers of REACH.

REACH is a local NGO that mandates for vocational training and job placement consultancy for  disadvantage youth and is the local partner of HITT Vietnam. Under the implementation framework of HITT Vietnam component, REACH will deliver training courses on F & B for about 700 people. SNV-VN agree to support REACH to improve its F & B training program by redesigning four month training program that meet Vietnam occupational standard for food and beverage at entry level; improving training materials; and strengthening capacity of the trainers so that they are capable to provide high impact training for target beneficiaries.

The training of F & B trainers was conducted by Ms. Lisa Gordon-Davis, Global HITT Training Consultant who will also take the position of HITT Program Leader forCambodiaandVietnam. During the training course, participants learnt and discussed structure of the new 4 month food and beverage training program at entry level. They also learned about the HITT Learning Approach and how to apply this approach in their F & B teaching work. Participants had opportunity to practice interactive teaching methods and tools such as identification tests, role play, demonstrations, tasting, making posters, flash cards, quizzes and so on. Participants saw this course as effective and they felt engaging with training activities was very valuable. They were also impressed by teaching skills of the master trainer (Lisa), her teaching passion, meticulous preparation and also her interesting training toolkit. Participants are looking forward to applying the  HITT teaching methods to their trainees when delivering F & B courses.

In order to  ensure that trainers are capable to conduct high impact teaching, HITT Vietnam team plans to provide follow-up support which include coaching for REACH trainers, visiting their classes to observe and give feedback, facilitate team work, sharing experience and exchange among trainers and assist REACH trainers to develop their F & B training toolkits.

These activities will make the F & B trainers of REACH ready to train HITT beneficiaries. Starting with new batch in August, 2012,  REACH and SNV Vietnam aim to achieve a target of training 700 youth in F & B service skills by end of December 2013.