Inhambane integrated tourism development approach – case study

This case study describes the innovative mainstream approach used by SNV Mozambique to link the tourism sector more closely with the local economy and basic service provision. It also examines how  tourism economic development can be made more pro-poor and subsequently involve and increase the income and well-being of local people. SNV works with a large cluster of diversified actors representing the private and public sectors, associations, local NGOs and informal groups. Building confidence between the groups, facilitating networking activities and building platforms are essential SNV activities. The process began in 2007 with the first tangible results starting to show in the second quarter of 2008.

Mutimucio, Manuel; Suurna, Kristjan; Laumans, Quirin (2010). Joint action for Inclusive Tourism in Inhambane, Mozambique. SNV Netherlands Development Organisation ( Mozambique).

Author: Kristjan Suurna, Manuel Mutimucuio , Federico Vignati , 2009 (298) 

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