The HITT programme successfully completed and evaluated

The implementation of the HITT programme concluded in January 2014 and the programme succeeded to reach the planned outcomes in the project proposal. The final external evaluation of the programme was completed at the end of January 2014. This evaluation harvested the best practices and learning resulting out of the implementation of this three year TVET programme in two regions – Asia and Africa – and in seven countries. The evaluation concluded with the following remark:

The HITT project is a rich and complex project: it covers a wide range of countries while addressing the most challenging development issues like ownership by local actors, sustainability of the activities, bringing informal workers to the formal economy and implementing an enabling environment approach. On all these dimensions, the project has produced sustainable and practical solutions. The involvement of the private sector as part of the stakeholders added also complexity and richness to the project. Finally, in addition to the project results as such, the team and its coordinator have produced methodological manuals on the general approach (Enabling environment), the preparation of the activities (inception) and the learning process (HIT learning approach) which could be used as textbooks for any development project on training.

The HITT programme final evaluation report is available in the library of this site.