The Market for Responsible Tourism


The purpose of this study is to provide market data and strategies to assist tourism businesses and networks in Nepal and six Latin American countries (Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru) where SNV is involved in initiatives aimed at strengthening responsible tourism. Broadly stated, this report examines the consumer and industry demand and major trends for responsible tourism in key outbound countries (or source markets) in Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom) and North America (United States and Canada). It assesses the similarities as well as the country specific characteristics of the source countries. It then analyzes six distinct product segments or tourism sectors (Nature-based, Cultural and Community-based, Volunteer and Educational, Backpackers and Youth, Adventure, and High-end) and assesses the responsible tourism components within each of these sectors. Based on these findings, the study delineates a wide range of marketing tools, techniques, and strategies that companies and destinations can use to grow tourism, not simply in numbers but also in the quality of tourists, i.e., by working to attract the responsible tourism components from each of the product segments.

Author: SNV Nepal , 2010 (2.1MB) 

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